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While our menu evolves throughout the year to reflect the bounty of the local landscape, it also very much evolves from week to week as new ideas are conceived.


Due to the very unique way in which we hyper-locally source the produce that inspires our culinary creativity and the finite yields of small-scale horticulture, while some dishes may remain on the menu for several months, others may only be around for a week or two. The transience and impermanence of Mother Nature is a beautiful thing to behold, and it's what pushes us to keep our menu constantly on its toes.

Click on the PDF link for our most up-to-date menu, to give you a flavour of what to expect on your culinary journey through the East End. We do of course offer menu adjustments or alternative courses for guests with any dietary requirements that we're informed about in advance.

You'll notice that we present our menu in landscape format as opposed to the traditional portrait, because we believe that our tasting menu should be perceived as a linear journey rather than simply a list of courses.

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