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Chef Aidan Brooks launched Eleven98 in the Summer of 2018, aiming to bridge the gap between fine dining elegance and a more relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Aidan serves hyper-locally sourced tasting menus that 
change with the seasons and also evolve from week to week as new ideas are conceived.
 We rely exclusively on produce sourced from within East London, including 100% of the fruits, vegetables and herbs that feature on our menu.

Because we put such a spotlight on the provenance of the unique plants that inspire our cooking, this can sometimes lead people to assume that Eleven98 is a vegetarian concept. This is in fact not the case - rather we believe in using modest amounts of ethically and sustainably reared meat and fish, and partnering with local suppliers who share in our values.

For the curious reader who seeks a more comprehensive insight into what Eleven98 is all about, the following articles of interest are available for your perusal...


Our Story

The who, what, when, where and why

What's in a Name?

The origins of the name "Eleven98"

Our Suppliers

Our network of local purveyors


Our ethical credentials


Our most frequently asked questions, answered

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