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Our Cancellation Policy

We understand that your plans may change, and given the current climate we understand that cancellations are more common. We are a small business, so not only do cancellations affect us financially; they also affect the atmosphere at the dining table. For this reason we operate a 48 hour cancellation policy.

If you wish to cancel your reservation at any point up until 48 hours notice, payment will automatically be refunded in full. Should you wish to reschedule your reservation to an alternative date instead of cancelling it, simply get in touch by email and this can easily be arranged.

Reservations cancelled at less than 48 hours notice will unfortunately not be able to be refunded, as it is very likely that your reservation will have blocked another guest from booking. Please note that unlike an à la carte restaurant, we do not turn our table with multiple sittings - each reservation made with us is for the entire evening.

Should you wish to reschedule your booking at less than 48 hours notice, you’d need to make a new reservation.

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