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The Top 11 Supper

Clubs in London

Eleven98 is an original and totally one-of-a-kind dining concept based in Walthamstow Village. We pride ourselves on showcasing the incredible produce growing here in the East End, where Chef Patron Aidan Brooks was born and raised. Our aim is to bring the elegance and panache of fine dining to an informal and relaxed atmosphere, with a tasting menu experience enjoyed by guests at a communal table.

What makes Eleven98 truly unique is the fact that 100% of the fruits, vegetables and herbs that we use on our menu must have grown within East London. It's our golden rule, and we achieve this by maintaining very close relationships with a select group of the local area's most sustainable small-scale organic horticultural growers. We also cultivate our own produce at Eleven98's private allotment, as well as foraging for tree fruits, wild herbs, flower blossoms and hedgerow berries all across East London.

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